Council Board

The governing body is called the “Council”. It is made up of “Chartered Organization Representatives” who represent each partner organization. Also “Members at Large” are elected annually to the Council. The Council meets once a year at its Annual Business Meeting to conduct the business of the corporation and to elect members and officers. Special meetings may be called to handle other business.

Volunteer Leadership


Mr. Raymond M. Davis President MCC
Dr. Craig A. Younkman, PhD Immediate Past President WW
Mr. Michael Weber Commissioner MCC
Mr. Gene Dillenbeck Treasurer  MCC
Mr. Brad Arbuckle Legal Counsel GL
Mr. Charles E. Truza Quality GL
Mr.  John  Copeland VP – Development  MCC
Mr. David Ellis VP – FSC Operations MCC
Mr. Al. Schultz VP – Investment GL
Mr. Greg Dunn VP – Membership SS
Mr. Jim Smithwick VP – Outdoor Adventure WW
Mr. Roy A. More VP – Program Impact SS
Mr. Lonnie Herrington VP – Properties PF
Mr. Andy Wwisbrodt VP – Innovation GL
Mr. Jason Allen VP- Relationships  MCC
Mr. John Fox FSC President PF
Mr. Bradley Simmons FSC President GL
Mr. Jim VanderRoest FSC President SS
Mr. Paul Covert FSC President WW
Mr. Donald Shepard SE/CEO/Secretary (non-vote member) MCC
Mr. Ron Garrison FSC Elected Delegate SS
Mr. Christian Overland FSC Elected Delegate GL
Mr. Jon Goad FSC Elected Delegate PF
Mr. Michael J. Thorp Member of the Board WW
Mr. Stephen B. Harsh Member of the Board WW
Mr. Al Robertson Member of the Board GL
Mr. Chris Edgar Member of the Board PF
Mr. Mark Piersma Member of the Board PF
Mr. Gordon Meier Venturing President Area-2 (youth)
Mr. Dick Northrup Member of the Board SS
Mr. Mark Witt Member of the Board SS


MCC Executive Committee List 2017 may be found here