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Welcome To The Water & Woods Field Service Council Popcorn Sales 

For Water and Woods Popcorn Sale information, please click on the following documents:

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The Water and Woods Field Service Council would like to extend our deep thanks & gratitude to the following businesses for their generous donation of storage space, manpower, and equipment during our popcorn sale!

Corrigan Moving Systems            

Water & Woods Field Service Council Mystery Houses 2012


House #1
Clue:  Our home is near Deerfield. The name of the lane we live on is the same as one of the character's names from the movie Top Gun.

House #2
Clue:  We live very close to one of the schools in the town of Lapeer.


Our Apologies.  This District has no Mystery Houses available.  Please contact your District Executive with any questions.


House #1
Clue:  Near a large body of water

House #2
Clue:  You might see planes, trains or automobiles at this house

House #3
Clue:  There is a barn behind this house

House #4
Clue:  Close to a circular structure

Our Apologies.  This District has no Mystery Houses available.  Please contact your District Executive with any questions.

Our Apologies.  This District has no Mystery Houses available.  Please contact your District Executive with any questions.


Goodrich, MI
Clue:  You’ll be good and rich if you search around Beethoven and Mozart’s competition

Fenton, MI
Clue:  Hunt the long lake for this piece of the treasure.

Grand Blanc, MI
Clue:  In the neighborhood behind Kroger in Grand Blanc you can receive your gold coins in Kirby’s Epic Dreamland

Our Apologies.  This District has no Mystery Houses available.  Please contact your District Executive with any questions.


Mason, MI
Clue:  This House is within 2 blocks of “The Depot” and has a detached 2 car garage. This house number is carried by a train, two people can swing on the front porch and don’t forget to look for the Wagoneer!

East Lansing, MI
Clue:  This Mystery House is not a house at all!  It is located less than one mile East of the park with the really big playground!  Look across the street from this place, and you’re likely to find lots of red trucks and look for red, white, and blue out front!

Lansing, MI
Clue:  This Mystery House is just a stone’s throw from Everett High School and is on a street that looks like a horseshoe. This house is colored Tan and you can look for the big wooden porch!


House #1
Clue:  The moisture that settles in the morning plus (Fill in the Blank William Randolph_______)  will give you the street name

House #2
Clue:  The street name here is the name taken by several Popes

House #3
Clue:  The word that this definition fits: To gather information or material bit by bit; plus the letters “er” will give you this street name


House #1
Clue:  We live on a main road and have lots of purple flowers.  We live on a farm with lots of farm equipment and our house is tan.

House #2 
Clue:  In the Wild Woods near Perry/Laingsburg located by a gas station.  Our house has wood siding and is set off the road with a dirty driveway.

House #3 
Clue:  Lots of red barns and is a grey house with brick, off of Durand Road.  It is a 2 story house and we currently redoing the landscaping.

House #4
Clue:  The road is something you drink and we live in a Yellow House with Burgundy Shutters.  Look for a tall old antenna.


House #1
Clue:  This house is 4 blocks from Linsday Elementary School, 1 block from Tromble Park, 2 blocks from Trombley School, 6 blocks from Steve Beson’s Party Store, 4 blocks from 7-11, less than ¾ mile from Visitation Church, on a corner, gray and white house w/fenced yard. 

House #2
Clue:  This house is white with blue shutters and there is a chair full of flowers in the yard.  It is within a half mile of Bush Elementary School.

House #3
Clue:  This house is within 1 mile of the Bay City Mall and is gray with dark blue shutters.
It is less than 5 blocks from Lindsay School and is not on a corner.  It is within 1/2 mile of Visitation Church and a 7-11.


House #1
Clue:  He walked south between two rivers where water flowed to the west on his right and to the east on his left.  Here the fish swims no more but a lumberjack can cut until he’s plum full…    

House #2
Clue: West of a sweet town, past a white road and blue but not sad.

House #3
Clue: Still above 20 but South of a big show, this house is on a Tall street with a 360 degree view.

House #4
Clue: Past a place of corrections, cornered by John Madison and the Union troops, its sides are green with both Old Glory and colors of blue flying high.


Riley Area
Clue:  Gilbert Riley was close to Miss M who was 19

Marine City
Clue:  This town doesn’t need the Army, Air Force or Navy, because this lady street is near Mrs. Belle River.

Our Apologies.  This District has no clues for their Mystery Houses available.  Please contact your District Executive with any questions.


Oscoda, MI
Clue:  West of US 23 and close to K-Mart.  It is 3 Blocks from Burger King with a flag pole and flowers.

Harrisville, MI  
Clue:  South of Main Street and behind the place people are dying to get onto.  Go to the horse farm and turn left…Boy Scout Snowman.

Tawas, MI 
Clue: North of the tracks and east of the park towers, near the best pizza in town…“Like  a good neighbor….”

Ossineke, MI
Clue:  North of Baba Ruski’s and south of the 45th.  North of Timmy’s and close to the old bald guy.

Lewiston, MI  
Clue:  West of Town and drive past the snake in the road.  If you see the wreck,…you went too far!!!  The SKY will LINE drive you to the RIGHT house.

Onaway, MI          
Clue: West of the VFW and North of Art’s Van…You are getting HOT and gain a lot of knowledge in this neighborhood.

Rogers City, MI
Clue:  Northeast end of town, between 3rd and Bradley.  Near the place people die to get into…The only red Arched door.

Rogers City, MI
Clue:  Look in the township, but above the Squaw Bay!!  “Go Down the long rapids.”
“Turn into the wood land.” “In the wood land you will see the crest… Look for its red shutters, but don’t lose sight of your wood view!”


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