Popcorn Sale

 Scouts earn their way with Popcorn!

With a well planned popcorn sale, one fundraiser can cover all the costs of an Ideal Year of Scouting! The funds your unit raises can be used to cover registration fees, provide Boys’ Life subscriptions, uniforms, trips, activities, awards, day camps, summer camps, and high adventure experiences for your youth, with little or no out-of-pocket expenses to families.
We asked our Scouts what they wanted to do this year, created a calendar and budget to support it, and utilized the Popcorn Sale to fund our entire Scouting year! We didn’t have to ask for a dime from our parents or families. We funded our Ideal Year of Scouting through Popcorn!
Help all of your families save their money by having 100% of your Scouts participate in the 2015 Popcorn Sale!

The KernelHello! I’m the Kernel!

I am here to help with any of your popcorn questions! Email me at: mccpopcorn@scouting.org.


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Popcorn News

Changes to Nov.Distribution for Sweet & Savory & Chocolate Lover’s Collections

Please Note: Unit Popcorn Kernels: Due to higher than projected orders of our Sweet and Savory & Chocolate Lover’s collections across Michigan, and across the country, Trail’s End popcorn is behind in filling orders for our council, and other councils across …

November “Fill A Sheet” Prize Drawing Winners Announced

Check out the November “Fill A Sheet” Prize Drawing Video by visiting our popcorn videos page, or watch the video directly at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuICZlwxPvk. As a reminder, to qualify a Scout must fill a popcorn order form (31 lines), and email their …

Popcorn Prize & Inventive Orders Due by November 15th!

It is time to start thinking about your unit’s popcorn prize order. Your Scouts have worked hard! Recognize them for their hard work in selling popcorn. Follow these few easy steps to get ready for your units’ prize and inventive …

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2015 Popcorn Sale Information:

The Popcorn Sales Guide provides the general popcorn sale information for all Scouting units in the Michigan Crossroads Council. Field Service Council Fact Sheets provide specific information related to your local Scouting area.

Field Service Council Fact Sheets:

2015 FSC Fact Sheet – Great Lakes
Updated 11/4/2015
2015 FSC Fact Sheet – President Ford
Updated 10/27/2015
2015 FSC Fact Sheet – Southern Shores
Updated 10/30/2015
2015 FSC Fact Sheet – Water and Woods
Updated 11/4/2015
Download your Field Service Council’s Fact Sheet for popcorn contacts, kick-off and training opportunities, warehouse information, and more. Field Service Council fact sheets will be updated throughout the year.

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2015 Sponsors & Vendors:

Trails EndTrails End Popcorn

Official Popcorn Vendor of the Michigan Crossroads Council Popcorn Sale.

Keller MarketingGCC / Keller Marketing

Official Prize and Incentive Vendor of the Michigan Crossroads Council Popcorn Sale.

MTS4Martin Transportation Systems

Official Shipping and Logistics Sponsor of the Michigan Crossroads Council Popcorn Sale.