2017 Fall Popcorn Sale

We’re not just selling popcorn, we’re funding a Scout’s adventure!

This year, each unit will earn 34% commission.  Online sales earn a 50% commission! 73% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting. The popcorn sale is a way for Scouts to support his or her way through the all of their activities during the year.

The 2017 popcorn sale information is coming soon!  Check back in April 2017 for ALL the sale info you need.

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Why Sell?

  • Increase your unit’s income – 73% stays local
  • Pay for your entire Scouting program
  • Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way”
  • The prize program motivates Scouts
  • Cool new incentives for Scouts who sell
  • 100% return on all unsold popcorn from the unit

Fill-a-form Prizes!


New this year!

New ways to pay…

Save yourself the hassle of bringing checks to the office or warehouse! ACH is a Direct Payment that enables you (the unit) to pay electronically using an ACH debit transaction. The unit authorizes MCC to initiate a Direct Payment transaction that withdraws the funds from the unit checking account to pay their bill on time.

If you don’t want to use ACH, Units can write post-dated checks when coming to the warehouse. No last minute mailing or making extra trips to the office – just give us a postdated check when going to the warehouse and we’ll deposit it on the correct date. View the ACH form here.

Shorter Sale…

Final orders will be placed in October, shortening the sale and leaving the Holidays free for family time. We carefully scheduled dates to give Scouts plenty of time to fund their adventure. Check out the calendar.


Unit Commission…

Each unit will receive a 34% commission, and all online sales earn 50% commission. An option to receive no prizes is still available, 3% will be added to your commission. MCC incentives and patches are available for all units.

Selling Methods!

  • Take Order Sales – Most Traditional Method
  • Door-To-Door (Show and Deliver) – Most Effective Sales Method
  • Scheduled Sales (Show and Sell) – Most Common Method
  • Online Sales – Hand-Off Method
  • Corporate Sales – Highest Volume Method – Focus on companies who give year-end or holiday gifts to employees or customers. Banks, insurances agents, car dealers, doctors, dentists and realtors are all good examples. If a company is interested and needs assistance with special ordering, please contact your District Kernel, or Professional staff advisor.

Click here to view how each of these selling methods could be most beneficial to your unit.