Roundtable is exactly what it implies – it really is an opportunity for scouters as a group to have an opportunity for an equal exchange of ideas. Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders and interested parties meet together to discuss relevant issues in our Troops and Packs today.

There is a great deal of camaraderie developed at the meetings as there is an open exchange of ideas. There is a designated leader as the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts often separate but usually the leader serves as a facilitator for the attendees to share their ideas while guiding the group through the material.

Exclusive handouts available only at the roundtable are passed out. The Cub Scout portion often has a variety of craft ideas that are inexpensive and entertaining for the Cub Scouts.

Do you have questions about how to solve issues in your Troop or Pack? Roundtable is a perfect opportunity to get different ideas and feedback to take back home with you.

In addition to the back and forth openness at Roundtable there is an opportunity to have access to council information and assistance. Also this is the perfect opportunity to have input on Council and Field Service Council events.

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