Spanish Resources

Reducing the language barrier allows Hispanic American parents to participate in Scouting while their children are still young. For this reason, the following resources, several in the bilingual format, some in English only, have been developed to help councils promote Hispanic Initiatives in their communities to their fullest advantage.

All items in Spanish unless indicated.


Cub Scouting

Spanish resources for Cub Scouting volunteers, parents, and district executives.

Locate Tiger Cubs (first grade or age 7), Cub Scouts (second or third grade or age 8 or 9), Webelos Scouts (fourth or fifth grade, or age 10), and deliver a quality Cub Scouting program.


Boy Scouting

Spanish resources for Boy Scouting adult/youth leaders, parents, and district executives.

Any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 is eligible to join the Boy Scouts, as well as boys who are at least 10 years old and have either completed the fifth grade or earned the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouting.



Spanish Venturing resources for adult/youth leaders, parents, and district executives.

The Venturing program is for any young man or woman ages 14 to 20 (or 13 with the completion of eighth grade). No previous Scouting background is required.


Council / District / Unit Resources

Spanish resources for volunteers and district executives help deliver a quality Scouting program.



Every Scout deserves a trained leader. Find all the training courses in Spanish required to be an adult Scouting leader. Help us delivery a quality Scouting program to all youth in all markets.

Soccer through Scouting

Soccer through Scouting

Spanish resources for volunteers, parents, and district executives help you deliver a quality Scouting and soccer program.