Aquatics Committee

Greetings from your Michigan Crossroads Council Aquatics Committee!

Committee Chair: Jay Richardson

Pre-Camp Swim Checks

These are definitely the thing to do! Please remember that that the person that conducts the swim checks must be approved by the Council Aquatics Committee. This person must be an Aquatics Instructor, BSA; Aquatics Cub Supervisor; BSA Lifeguard; BSA Swimming & Water Rescue; or other lifeguard, swimming instructor. Please have the person that is going to conduct your swim check touch base with us before conducting your units test.

Click here for aquatics information from the National BSA website.

New MCC Aquatics Awards!
Aquatics Supervisor Training

For those looking for Swimming and Water Rescue and Paddle Craft Safety Training the Aquatics Committee will form classes upon sufficient interest.  This training is available to registered adults and youth 15 years or older.   It is highly recommended that all BSA units that are planning swimming and/or canoeing events have at least one adult trained in Swimming and Water Rescue.   Participants should be a strong swimmer and willing take on the responsibilities of an Aquatics Supervisor.  No other experience is really needed but would very helpful.  For more information contact Jay Richardson.

NEW! Whitewater Rafting BSA Award

The award is available to BSA youth and adults who are members of Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing, or Sea Scout units.Many Scouting units participate in rafting trips conducted by outfitters or councils. A new aquatics award, Whitewater Rafting BSA, recognizes the challenge and adventure of such activities.

Click here for more information about the Whitewater Rafting BSA Award.
Click here for the Whitewater Rafting BSA Application.

Click here for the latest BSA Aquatics Resources.