New Training Report Released in My.Scouting

A new training report for position-specific training is now available in My.Scouting. The new report will provide the unit-level and training volunteers quick and accurate data regarding the adult leader training for a specific unit, district, or council. The report shows if a leader is trained for that position. If he or she is untrained, it shows which training requirements are complete and which requirements are still needing completion. The report provides sorting, grouping, and filters to help you isolate the data you need for a group of volunteers.

The report also has an export-to-CSV function which will allow you to export the file for use in Excel or other spreadsheet programs that can load a comma-separated file. The data can then be sorted using the tools in Excel to provide additional information about trained leaders.

The new report is accessed through the Training Manager in My.Scouting Tools. Log into your My.Scouting Tools account. From “Menu,” select the program level for which you want to pull a report; then select “Training Manager.” Once you are on the Training Manager page, you will see a pie chart for Trained Leaders. Click on the button labeled “Trained Leader Report,” and you will receive a report for all leaders registered in the unit, district, or council. If you want a report with just the untrained leaders, click on the red section of the pie chart.

The new training report replaces the trained leader reports from Scoutnet or PAS. Please use the training reports from My.Scouting only as we move forward as they have more timely and accurate information.

Scouting U wants to thank the My.Scouting Team for developing this new tool. The tool will enable us to easily identify every untrained leader so that he or she can be contacted and informed of training opportunities.

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