Another Awesome Season of Summer Camping in MCC!

We would like to highlight our units who camped in Michigan Crossroads Council this summer. It was an exciting year of camping as the outdoor adventures team has increased the WOW factors at camp and also added provisional camping for youth who could not attend camp with their troops.

Camp Rotary with its beautiful waterfront in Clare, Michigan hosted Troops 1, 3, 200, 240, and 454. Meanwhile, troops 7, 27, 210, 400, 416, and 446 were cooking up a storm at Cole Canoe Base in Alger, Michigan. Troop 243 enjoyed camping at D-Bar-A’s working ranch in Metamora, Michigan. Manistee National Forest and Camp Gerber beckoned Troops 413 and 449.

On the younger side, Cub Scout Packs 1, 22, 27, 29, 249, 283, 295, 420, 421, 435, 454, 464, 491, and 495 a blast at Munhacke, Rota-Kiwan, D-Bar-A, and Gerber this summer. The waterfronts and dining halls were top destinations between other activities.

We know you have a choice. Thank you for camping in the MCC and supporting local scouting.

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